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Figure 3
Crystal structure of PDZ tandem (235-PA14-236) complexed with the NZ-1 Fab. (a, b) The two complexes in the asymmetric unit, complexes 1 and 2, are shown as surface models. The heavy and light chains of NZ-1 Fab in complex 1 are colored dark and light orange, respectively, while those in complex 2 are colored dark and light brown, respectively. The inserted PA14 tags are colored dark and light magenta, respectively. Due to the disorder in the electron density, the PDZ-N domains were not included in the final model. (c, d) Close-up view of the binding site. The PDZ-C domain and the inserted PA14 residues are shown as ribbon and stick models, respectively. Glu1′-Gly2′ and Gly3′-Val4′ of PA14 are colored blue and yellow, respectively. The remaining ten C-terminal residues (Ala5′–Val14′) are colored magenta. The residues in complexes 1 and 2 are shown in dark and light colors, respectively.

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