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Figure 2
Sample-support films. (a) The microfabricated films have an `active area' where crystals and solution are deposited, fiducials to assist in alignment at the X-ray beamline and codes to identify the specific design. The films are 2.5 mm wide and either 3.5 or 6.5 mm long for cryo- or room-temperature data collection, respectively. The film thickness for the prototypes shown is either 4 or 10 µm in the sample windows and 10 or 20 µm elsewhere. Color/contrast is boosted for clarity. (b)–(i) Examples of sample-support film designs. (b) A single well/window covering the entire active area with an array of small holes for liquid removal via back-side suction or blotting (shown: 30 µm holes, 72 µm spacing). (c) Square-well array with no holes (shown: 600 µm windows, 100 µm walls). (d) Square-well array with one hole per cell (shown: 220 µm windows, 50 µm walls, 20 µm hole). (e) Square-well array as in (c) with four 50 µm holes. (f) Circular wells with a single hole (shown: 100 µm wells, 10 µm holes, 130 µm center to center). (g) Circular wells of two sizes (shown: 100 and 50 µm wells, 20 and 10 µm holes, respectively). (h) Hexagonal wells (shown: 150 µm center to center, 20 µm walls, 20 µm holes). (i) Square wells with an array of posts to immobilize crystals (shown: 220 µm windows, 10 µm walls, 10 µm posts, 20 µm holes).

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