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Figure 2
Crystal structures of SdgBunbound and SdgAunbound. (a, b) The monomeric structures of SdgB (a) and SdgA (b) are presented as ribbon diagrams. Each monomer consists of three domains: the acceptor (SDR)-binding domain (ABD), the dimerization domain and the donor (UDP-GlcNAc)-binding domain (DBD), which are distinguished in red, green and blue, respectively. Top: schematic of the SdgB and SdgA sequences showing the domain composition. (c) A superimposed view of the SdgB structures. The A chains of the SdgB structures are presented as cylindrical helices, which were overlaid using SSM in Coot. (d) Cα r.m.s.d. plot of SdgBpeptide, SdgBUDP–peptide and SdgBquaternary structures compared with SdgBunbound. The r.m.s.d. per residue was calculated by LSQKAB in CCP4 using the A chains of the SdgB structures. In (c) and (d), the red box and the black dotted lines indicate the most deviating region in the compared structures.

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