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Figure 3
(a) Overall structure of RBcel1_E135Q in complex with G3 (PDB entry 7p6h). Monomer A and monomer B are represented in light blue and light green, respectively, while their bound G3 molecules are colored dark blue and dark green, respectively. (b) Close-up view of the +1 to +3 subsites consisting of Trp171, Arg176, Glu204, Glu205, Ala206 and Ser207. The water molecule interacting with the glucose unit in the +3 subsite is represented as a red sphere. The 2FoFc map around G3 is shown as a blue mesh. (c) Structural alignment of RBcel1_E135Q in complex with G3 (in blue and green for monomer A and monomer B, respectively) with the apo form of RBcel1_E135Q (PDB entry 7p6g, orange). The positions of three residues of the −1 subsite are shown: Gln135 (GluA/B substituted by a glutamine residue), Tyr201 and Glu245 (the catalytic nucleophile).

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