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June 2022 issue

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Cover illustration: Pentameric assembly of the Kv2.1 tetramerization domain [Xu et al. (2022), Acta Cryst. D78, 792–802]. Voltage-gated potassium channels (Kvs) are essential for regulating membrane potential, propagating action potentials and controlling potassium homeostasis in a diverse array of neuronal and non-neuronal tissues. The cytoplasmic tetramerization (T1) domain plays a major role in Kvs, and the only Kv subfamily lacking a representative structure of the T1 domain is the Kv2 family. Xu et al. have used X-ray crystallography to solve the structure of the human Kv2.1 T1 domain.


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Defining best practice in science is challenging. International consensus is facilitated by the International Science Council via its members such as the International Union of Crystallography. The IUCr Journals editorial boards are a practical forum for setting the criteria to decide if a study's files are truly the `version of record'. Within that, reality involves a variance of reasonable workflows. Workflows must be detailed carefully by authors in explaining what they have done.

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An overview of computational docking and mapping approaches, and their biological applications to the problems of drug discovery, is presented.

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Racemic crystallography benefits the identification of a structural form of a DNA sequence that was not previously observed for the enantiopure equivalent.

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A simple method for serial single isomorphous replacement, which exploits natural differences in heavy-atom occupancy, is presented.

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Structural interactions between the LRG1 epitope and the Fab fragment of Magacizumab determine its specific binding mode and the key residues involved in LRG1 recognition.

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The catalytic and substrate-regulatory mechanisms of a novel bacterial prolyl oligopeptidase from M. arenaceous (MaPOP) are reported. The suggested substrate-assisted catalytic mechanism of MaPOP may be helpful in understanding the catalytic behavior of prolyl oligopeptidases under physiological conditions.

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Neutron crystallography of hen egg-white lysozyme was carried out by D/H contrast neutron crystallography using a time-of-flight diffractometer. The D/H contrast neutron maps provided better visualization of the protonation states of amino acids, including those in the active site.

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The structure of the complex between the acyltransferase and acyl carrier protein domains of module 9 of salinomycin polyketide synthase is reported.

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The selective assembly of Kv subunits into one of four subfamilies of tetrameric, voltage-gated potassium channels is mediated by the T1 tetramerization domain. Here, it was found that unlike the other Kv T1 domains that have been studied to date, the human Kv2.1 T1 domain forms a pentamer, and that zinc binding and electrostatics contribute to the stability of the proteins.


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Mamannamana Vijayan is remembered.
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