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Figure 3
Fourier difference maps at four different pump–probe time delays. q-weighted Fourier difference electron-density maps calculated between the light and dark data sets ([F_{\rm obs}^{\Delta t\_{\rm light}}][F_{\rm obs}^{\rm dark}]) with Δt = 20 ps (a, e, i), 900 ps (b, f, j) and 300 ns (c, g, k) at 2 Å resolution and Δt = 2 µs (d, h, l) at 2.2 Å resolution. Maps corresponding to monomers A (ad) and B (eh) are shown at +3.5 r.m.s.d. (green) and −3.5 r.m.s.d. (red) and locally averaged maps (il) are shown at +4.0 r.m.s.d. (green) and −4.0 r.m.s.d. (red). The SFX dark-state model (PDB entry 6zh7) of monomer A is overlaid in panels AD and of monomer B in panels EL, with FAD in yellow, the fatty acid substrate in green and the protein in light gray.

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