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March 2023 issue

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Analysis of charge density in a π-hole contact between an iodide anion and tetra­bromo­quinone reveals the nature of the interaction as dominantly electrostatic with a significant dispersion component. The quinoid ring has a partial negative charge (estimated to be in the range 0.08–0.11e) and a partial radical character and the energy of the interaction is estimated to be −11.16 kcal mol−1.

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A series of multicomponent cocrystal solvates of chiral di­hydro­myricetin with caffeine (CAF) or theophylline (THE) crystallized as two distinct types of solid solution differing in mixing scale of enantiomers spanning several orders of magnitude. This remarkable impact on enantiomer discrimination was simply achieved by the reduction of a methyl group of CAF to the THE coformer, which was attributed to the hydrogen-bonding donor–acceptor capacity coformers.

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The self-repairing nature of rapid YBa2Cu3O7−δ growth with overgrowing features is revealed and non-equilibrium morphology is demonstrated to be a prerequisite self-repairing activator.
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