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Protein crystallization is a delicate process that is always sensitive to environmental factors. When the environmental factors are not well controlled or not controlled at all, identical crystallization droplets from the same mother liquid may yield different crystallization results. One environmental factor, the weather conditions during crystallization solution preparation, is not usually considered as a parameter for protein crystallization. In this paper, it is shown that the weather parameters during preparation of the crystallization experiment, including the ambient temperature, humidity, pressure and particulate matter in the air, can all affect the reproducibility of lysozyme crystallization. An identical lysozyme crystallization experiment was repeated for an entire year, and the weather conditions when each crystallization experiment was set up were recorded along with the crystallization results. Among the parameters recorded, the humidity during the experiment setup showed the strongest effect on lysozyme crystallization. On the basis of these results, it is suggested that the weather conditions during crystallization solution preparation should be considered as a potential factor that can influence protein crystallization.

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Analysising components and observing the morphology of particulate matter

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