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Hydroxylammonium chloride, NH3OHCl, and hydroxylammonium bromide, NH3OHBr, are isomorphous and belong to the space group C2h5-P 21/c. The unit cell, which contains 4NH3OHX, has the following dimensions: NH3OHCl : a = 6.95 A., b = 5.95 A., c = 7.70 A., [beta] = 120.8°, NH3OHBr: a = 7.29 A., b = 6.13 A., c = 8.04 A., [beta] = 120.8°. The nitrogen and oxygen atoms and the halogen ions occupy general positions 4(e). The parameters have been determined. All these atoms and ions are situated close to the planes (¼, y, z) and (¾, y, z). The distance between the nitrogen and oxygen atoms of the same NH3OH+ group is 1.45 A.
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