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The crystal structures of the isomorphous zinc and magnesium benzene sulphonates have been determined. The crystals are monoclinic, with space group P21/n and two molecules in a unit cell with edges a = 22.6 A., b = 6.32 A., c = 6.94 A., [beta] = 93° 36' (magnesium compound). The signs of the structure amplitudes were fixed by comparison of corresponding reflexions from the isomorphous structures, and Fourier projections along the b and c axes were used to determine the structure. In the structure, metal atoms are surrounded by regular octahedra of water molecules, which are linked by hydrogen bonds to oxygen atoms of the sulphonate group. These oxygen atoms and a carbon atom of the benzene ring are joined to a sulphur atom by bonds which make angles of approximately 109° with each other. The benzene ring is plane and the minimum distance between neighbouring rings is about 3.5 A. The position and orientation of the molecules in the structure suggest an explanation of the observed twin growth.
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