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In the crystal structure of piperidinium 26,27,28-trihydroxypentacyclo­[,7.19,13.115,19]octacosa- 1(25),3,5,7(28),9,11,13 (27),15,17,19 (26),21,23-dodecaene-25-olate hemiacetonitrile solvate sesquihydrate, 2(C5H12N+·C28H24O4).3H2O.CH3CN, two molecules of calix[4]arene, two molecules of piperidinium, three molecules of water and one molecule of acetonitrile are observed in the asymmetric unit. They form an intricate network of intra- and intermolecular hydrogen bonds. Each calixarene molecule has a cone conformation. The H atoms of the piperidinium N+ atom are not directed towards the phenyl rings, indicateing that no (N+—H)...π interaction occurs.

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CCDC reference: 130163


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