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The title compound, [Pt(C15H11N3)(C4H6N2)](ClO4)2.C2H3N, is formed by reaction of chloro-2,2′:6′,2′′-terpyridine­platinum(II) chloride dihydrate with 1-methylimidazole in the presence of excess amounts of NaClO4. The platinum center is approximately square-planar N4– coordinated to the tridentate terpyridine and monodentate 1-methylimidazole with Pt-N 1.943 (7)–2.026 (7) Å. The imidazole ring forms a dihedral angle of 66.5 (2)° with the planar Pt–terpyridine ring system. The crystal packing is dominated by π-π stacking interactions with the absence of any short metal...metal interactions.

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CCDC reference: 126936

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