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Doxylamine is an anti-allergic ether effective on H1-type receptors. The crystal structures of dihydro cationic salts of doxylamine {2-[1-(dimethylammonioethoxy)-1-phenylethyl]pyridinium} with the anions tetrachlorozincate(II), (C17H24N2O)[ZnCl4], and tetrachlorocobaltate(II), (C17H24N2O)[CoCl4], are isomorphous. The molecular dimensions in both the structures are normal and the anions and cations are hydrogen bonded, resulting in chain structures. The ZnCl42− and CoCl42− anions exhibit normal tetrahedral geometries. α--α-methyl­benz­yl]

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CCDC references: 130170; 130171

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