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The heme-containing dehaloperoxidase from Amphitrite ornata was crystallized from an unbuffered solution containing 30% PEG 8000 and 200 mM ammonium sulfate by the hanging-drop vapor-diffusion method. Dark-red bipyramidal crystals are orthorhombic in space group P212121 with unit-cell dimensions a = 68.5, b = 68.4 and c = 61.1 Å. The asymmetric unit contains two subunits related by a non-crystallographic twofold axis. The crystals scatter beyond 2 Å resolution. The native data have been collected and one single-site mercury derivative has been found. SIRAS phasing was used to determine the positions of the heme Fe atoms and structure determination is in progress. A preliminary spectroscopic investigation indicates that the heme is protoporphyrin IX and its coordination sphere resembles that of a typical heme peroxidase, i.e. histidine ligated. Detailed spectroscopic and electrochemical studies are now under way.
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