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In the course of the development of the YB66 004 monochromator for soft-X-ray spectroscopy in the 1-2 keV region, two positive glitches at 1385.6 and 1438 eV have been observed in the transmission function of this material in a double-crystal configuration. The nature of these glitches has been elucidated using a combination of photoemission experiments, reflectivity measurements and anomalous scattering calculations. Analyses of these results show that these positive glitches are due to the transmission at an energy 3/2 times higher than the 004 reflection and correspond to the yttrium LIII and LII absorption edges at 2080 and 2156 eV, respectively. Reflectivity measurements and structure-factor calculations for the 006 reflection confirm that these glitches are caused by the sharp reflectivity increases associated with anomalous scattering for the 006 reflection at the yttrium LIII and LII absorption edges.
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