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The title compound, (C7H7O)2TeI2 (or C14H14I2O2Te), crystallizes in space group P\overline{1}, either with Z = 8 (Ia) or Z = 4 (Ib). The six independent molecules [four in (Ia) and two in (Ib)] have very similar structures. The geometry at the Te atoms is pseudo-trigonal bipyramidal, with the I atoms in the axial positions and the anisyl groups and the lone pair of electrons in the equatorial plane. The Te—C and Te—I distances are in the ranges 2.107 (4)–2.128 (6) Å and 2.8549 (10)–3.0071 (10) Å, respectively. In both polymorphs the molecules are associated via Te...I secondary bonds [3.6922 (6)–3.9017 (7) Å], to form centrosymmetric tetramers in which the Te4I8 cores display step-like geometries. Including the secondary interactions the coordination about each Te atom is distorted octahedral.

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CCDC references: 130197; 130198

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