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Core–shell X-ray emission spectroscopy (XES) is a valuable complement to X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) techniques. However, XES in the hard X-ray regime is much less frequently employed than XAS, often as a consequence of the relative scarcity of XES instrumentation having energy resolutions comparable with the relevant core-hole lifetimes. To address this, a family of inexpensive and easily operated short-working-distance X-ray emission spectrometers has been developed. The use of computer-aided design and rapid prototype machining of plastics allows customization for various emission lines having energies from ∼3 keV to ∼10 keV. The specific instrument described here, based on a coarsely diced approximant of the Johansson optic, is intended to study volume collapse in Pr metal and compounds by observing the pressure dependence of the Pr Lα emission spectrum. The collection solid angle is ∼50 msr, roughly equivalent to that of six traditional spherically bent crystal analyzers. The miniature X-ray emission spectrometer (miniXES) methodology will help encourage the adoption and broad application of high-resolution XES capabilities at hard X-ray synchrotron facilities.

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