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Using single-wavelength anomalous dispersion data obtained from a gold-derivatized crystal, the X-ray crystal structure of the protein 067745_AQUAE from the prokaryotic organism Aquifex aeolicus has been determined to a resolution of 2.0 Å. Amino-acid residues 1-371 of the 44 kDa protein were identified by Pfam as an HD domain and a member of the metal-dependent phosphohydrolase superfamily (accession No. PF01966). Although three families from this large and diverse group of enzymatic proteins are represented in the PDB, the structure of 067745_AQUAE reveals a unique fold that is unlike the others and that is likely to represent a new subfamily, further organizing the families and characterizing the proteins. Data are presented that provide the first insights into the structural organization of the proteins within this clan and a distal alternative GDP-binding domain outside the metal-binding active site is proposed.

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PDB reference: O67745_AQUAE, 2hek, r2heksf

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