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Space groups, order-parameter and strain/order-parameter coupling relationships in ABX3 perovskite structures which combine cooperative Jahn-Teller distortions and octahedral tilting have been investigated from the perspective of group theory using the computer program ISOTROPY. Two common Jahn-Teller ordering schemes are associated with the irreducible representations {M}_2^+ and {R}_3^ + of the space group Pm\overline 3m. A third, less-common ordering scheme is associated with \Gamma _3^ +. These combine with tilting instabilities associated with {M}_3^ + and {R}_4^ + to generate a predicted suite of Jahn-Teller structure types that includes many of the known structures of manganites, vanadates, Cu and Cr halides. Order-parameter coupling and possible phase transitions are described using Landau free-energy expansions, and general expressions for the relationships between symmetry-adapted spontaneous strains and particular order-parameter components are presented. These provide a general formal framework for determining structural evolution across multi-component order-parameter space and for characterizing the influence of tilting instabilities on Jahn-Teller instabilities or of Jahn-Teller ordering on octahedral tilting.

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