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The structure of La1/3NbO3 is that of a perovskite with La3+ cations ordered into alternate layers of perovskite A-sites. This is the description of a tetragonal structure and yet the room-temperature structure shows an orthorhombic distortion. The structure of La2/3TiO3 shows similar features. It has been recognized only very recently that the ortho­rhombic distortion in both these compounds is due to octahedral tilting. It seems clear from the literature that Ce2/3TiO3, Pr2/3TiO3, Nd2/3TiO3 and Ce1/3NbO3 adopt the same structure. Structures of other perovskites, such as Ln2/3TiO3, Ln1/3NbO3 and Ln1/3TaO3 (Ln = lanthanoid), when orthorhombically distorted, may be similar.

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