books received\(\def\hfill{\hskip 5em}\def\hfil{\hskip 3em}\def\eqno#1{\hfil {#1}}\)

ISSN: 2053-2733

Mathematical techniques in crystallog­raphy and materials science. By Edward Prince. 3rd ed. Pp. XI + 224. Berlin, Heidelberg, New York: Springer-Verlag, 2004. Price (softcover) EUR 42.75. ISBN 3 540 21111 X.

(Received 12 October 2002; accepted 12 October 2004)

This book brings together common and less familiar mathematical procedures used in studies of the structures and physical properties of solids. A review of the second edition of this book was published in the July 1995 issue of Acta Cryst. A51, page 590. The third edition further clarifies key points, as well as offering new sections on two topics: the projection matrix and the fast Fourier transform.

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