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Figure 6
Shape determination of the hexokinase and HIV-1 reverse transcriptase. (a) Experimental X-ray scattering data (dots) and the curves calculated from the restored envelopes using L = 4 (solid lines). Q on the horizontal axis is given in nm−1. (b) Comparison between the envelopes (transparent solids) and the atomic structures in the crystal. Top panel: hexokinase, bottom panel: reverse transcriptase. Right: pictures are rotated 90° counterclockwise around y. The atomic structures of hexokinase and of the transcriptase are from Bennet & Steitz (1980BB3) and Wang et al. (1994BB67), respectively. From Vachette & Svergun (2000BB64). In Structure and Dynamics of Biomolecules, edited by Eric Fanchoon et al. (2000). By permission of Oxford University Press,

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