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Figure 10
The 96 translationally distinct [\star{\tt 246}] triangles in the [{\circ}{ \circ}{ \circ}] domain for the P, D and G surfaces are shaded light and dark grey. The 12 domains bordering the central dodecagon are the images of the central polygon after translation by t1, t2, t3, τ1, τ2 and τ3. The triangles labelled R1, R2 and R3 are the appropriate images of the identity triangle I after reflection. The triangle labelled V is the image of I under a π/2 rotation about the circled vertex. The R3 neighbour of triangle V, VR3, lies outside the central dodecagon and is a translate of the triangle labelled W, i.e., VR3 = t2W.

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