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Nominations for the Ewald Prize

Keywords: Ewald Prize.

The International Union of Crystallography is pleased to invite nominations for the Ewald Prize for outstanding contributions to the science of crystallography. The Prize is named after Professor Paul P. Ewald, in recognition of his significant contributions to the foundations of crystallography and to the founding of the International Union of Crystallography. Professor Ewald was the President of the Provisional International Crystallographic Committee from 1946 to 1948, the first Editor of the IUCr publication Acta Crystallographica from 1948 to 1959 and the President of the IUCr from 1960 to 1963.

The Prize consists of a medal, a certificate and a financial award, and is presented once every three years during the triennial International Congresses of Crystallography. The recipients to date are as follows:[link]

Year Place Recipients
1987 Perth, Australia Professor J. M. Cowley and Dr A. F. Moodie
1990 Bordeaux, France Professor B. K. Vainshtein
1993 Beijing, China Professor N. Kato
1996 Seattle, USA Professor M. G. Rossmann
1999 Glasgow, UK Professor G. N. Ramachandran
2002 Geneva, Switzerland Professor M. M. Woolfson
2005 Florence, Italy Professor P. Coppens
2008 Osaka, Japan Dr D. Sayre

The ninth Prize, for which nominations are now being invited, will be presented at the Madrid Congress in August 2011.

Scientists who have made contributions of exceptional distinction to the science of crystallography are eligible for the Ewald Prize, irrespective of nationality, age or experience. The Selection Com­mittee will give careful attention to the nominations of outstanding scientists who have not yet won a Nobel Prize. Either an exceptionally distinguished scientific career or a major scientific accomplishment may be recognized. Current members of the Selection Committee and the President of the IUCr are not eligible. No re­strictions are placed on the time or the means of publication of the nominee's contributions. The Prize may be shared by more than one contributor, but not more than three, to the same scientific achievement.

Nominations for the Ewald Prize should be submitted in writing, preferably using the Ewald Prize Nomination Form, to the Executive Secretary of the International Union of Crystallography, 2 Abbey Square, Chester CH1 2HU, England, from whom copies of the Nomination Form and the names of the Selection Committee can be obtained (these can also be found at ). The closing date for nominations is 31 August 2010.

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