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Figure 7
The geometry of the GISAXS experiment. (a) The orientation of the primary and scattered X-ray beams with the wavevectors [{\bf K}_{\rm i}] and [{\bf K}_{\rm f}], respectively. The plane of incidence is xz, the detector plane is parallel to the yz plane. (b) The orientation of the basis vectors [{\bf a}^{(1,2,3)}] of the dot lattice. The vectors [{\bf a}^{(1,2)}] lie in the xy plane parallel to the sample surface. The circular arrow indicates possible averaging over the azimuthal orientations of the vector set [{\bf a}^{(1,2,3)}], keeping constant the angles between the vectors. (c) and (d) show the parallel [(\parallel)] and perpendicular [(\bot)] configurations, in which the vector [{\bf a}^{(3)}] lies in the xz and yz planes, respectively.

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