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Figure 14
(a) The calculated intensity distribution assuming the crystal is a perfect lysozyme crystal, with a dimension of 250 µm. (b) The calculated intensity distribution based on the Ω profile width for the lysozyme crystal given in Fig. 12[link](b). The inset gives the Ω profile generated from these calculations. The mean value has fallen by 18% for the imperfect crystal compared with the perfect crystal, so this should be considered. The mean value of capturing the intensity over two orders of magnitude and the true mean result in a very small loss of 1.8% in structure factor, but only capturing intensity over one order of magnitude results in a structure factor loss of 5% for perfect crystals and 27% for imperfect crystals. 2θBn = 36.75°. Therefore, both the crystal quality and dynamic range of the measurement are important to obtain good structure factors.

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