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Figure 13
The atomic decoration of the dodecahedral motif in the refined structure of the ZnMgTm Bergman iQC. The RE atoms in (a) and all the atoms in (b) occupying the RTH's #5 shell are shown. The inner blue dodecahedron is [{\tau ^3}] times smaller with respect to the green one showing the scaling property; (c) the intersection of the RTH clusters inside the dodecahedron, forming a short b linkage. The atoms occupying the vertices of the triacontahedron and all the atoms in the small dodecahedron are shown. In (d), (e), (f) the atomic decoration of the small dodecahedra, created by the intersection of two RTH clusters along a short b linkage, is shown. (d) shows the outer atoms, (e) shows Mg and mixed occupation atoms and (f) shows Zn atoms inside the small dodecahedron; (g) the piece of the structure projected along a fivefold axis presenting the distribution of Tm atoms. The 1 Å depth is shown. The black bonds determine the frame of the RTH cluster.

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