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Figure 1
Unit cell associated with the plane [{\bf{p}} = (h,k,l)]. The out-of-plane vector [{\bf{b}}_1] points to a node of the layer q = 1, and the in-plane vectors [{\bf{b}}_2] and [{\bf{b}}_3] lie in the layer q = 0. The vector [{\bf{b}}_1] is a solution of the Bézout's identity [{\bf p}^{\rm t}{\bf b}_{1} = 1], and the vectors [{\bf{b}}_2] and [{\bf{b}}_3] are solutions of the integer relations [{\bf p}^{\rm t}{\bf b}_{2} = 0] and [{\bf p}^{\rm t} {\bf b}_{3} = 0].

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