most read articles

These are the most read articles in the last six months.

Lev Feigin (1928–2022). D. Svergun & J. Trewhella (2022). Acta Cryst. A78, 384-385. 
Chiral spiral cyclic twins. W. Hornfeck (2022). Acta Cryst. A78, 21-35. 
Uwe Grimm (1963–2021). M. Baake, R. McGrath & R. A. Römer (2022). Acta Cryst. A78, 63-64. 
Sidney C. Abrahams (1924–2021). C. P. Brock & A. M. Glazer (2021). Acta Cryst. A77, 348-350. 
Parallelohedra, old and new. M. Senechal & J. E. Taylor (2023). Acta Cryst. A79, 273-279. 
Growth forms of grid tilings. D. Demski, P. Hilgers & A. Shutov (2022). Acta Cryst. A78, 309-318. 
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