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Figure 4
Application of comparative structural analysis in crystallographic model building and refinement. Comparative analysis of the backbone (left) and side chains (right) of (a) the 3.5 Å resolution model 1ryx of ovotransferrin before and after re-refinement with external restraints from the sequence-identical 2.15 Å resolution model 2d3i and (b) 1ryx after re-refinement using external restraints and the reference model 2d3i . For clarity, the reference model 2d3i is not shown. The models are coloured according to the Flexible backbone score (left) and the side-chain r.m.s.d. score (right) using a colour gradient (yellow implies similarity and red relative dissimilarity; white, not applicable). (a) Comparison of 1ryx before and after re-refinement (superposed). (b) Comparison of 1ryx after re-refinement and 2d3i (not shown).

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