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Figure 1
Experimental setup for IMISXcryo data collection at 100 K and the steps involved in sample preparation. (a) A view of an IMISX well on a goniometer with the crystal-laden mesophase bolus positioned in the X-­ray beam and in the cryostream at 100 K for SX data collection on beamline PXI (X06SA) at the SLS. The yellow arrow indicates the direction of the X-ray beam. (b) Goniometer base with composite support on the pin (left) ready for attachment of the IMISX well (bottom right). The insert (dashed square) is a view from above of the goniometer base (left) to show the slight curvature in the attached composite support. (c) IMISX well mounted on a goniometer base and seated on a moist paper towel. M, mesophase bolus with crystals; P, precipitant solution; S, composite support. (d) As in (c) where the well has been trimmed to fit into a cryo-vial and to provide access to the precipitant solution. (e) A cotton bud is used to wick away most of the precipitant solution from around the mesophase bolus. A small amount of precipitant is left in place to prevent callapse of the well. The mounted sample is snap-cooled in liquid nitrogen and placed in a cryo-vial for transfer to a Dewar. (f) A view of the well (W) and support (S) in (e) from above to show the slight curvature in the well that confers structural stability to the sample in the cryostream.

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