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Figure 3
Structural differences between the N-terminal (D1) and C-terminal (D2) domains of 12 class 2 cytokine receptors gauged by the r.m.s.d. values for backbone atoms of their 34 residues. R.m.s.d. values comparing D1 and D2 domains are shown above and below the diagonal, respectively. For instance, comparison between D1 of IL20R2 and IL22BP gives an r.m.s.d. of 0.66 Å; the r.m.s.d. between their D2 domains is 1.30 Å. R.m.s.d. values that are smaller and larger than the off-diagonal average r.m.s.d. value are highlighted in blue and red hues, respectively. The diagonal (in grey) shows the lowest r.m.s.d. values for 34 residues from D1 and D2 within each receptor structure; the r.m.s.d. between D1 and D2 of IL10R2 is 0.89 Å. References to the analyzed structures are as follows: IFNγR1, Thiel et al. (2000BB42); IFNγR2, this work; IL10R1, Josephson et al. (2001BB51); IL10R2, Yoon et al. (2010BB45); IL20R1 and IL20R2, Logsdon et al. (2012BB25); IL22R, Bleicher et al. (2008BB52); IL22BP, de Moura et al. (2009BB53); IL28R, Miknis et al. (2010BB54); IFNαR1 and IFNαR2, Thomas et al. (2011BB43); TF (human tissue factor), Larsen et al. (2007BB23).

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Volume 72| Part 9| September 2016| Pages 1017-1025
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