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June 2017 issue

Proceedings of the CCP-EM Spring Symposium

Edited by Tom Burnley, Paula da Fonseca and Randy Read

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Cover illustration: Cryo-EM has undergone a major `resolution-revolution'. It has helped advance our understanding of a key biological macromolecule, the ribosome. Ribosomes have shared a progressive journey with cryo-EM; in the development of the method and use of the method to understand ribosome structural biology (Javed et al., p. 509). The cover shows a bacterial ribosome map (with independently painted subunits) to highlight the near-atomic details that can be resolved using the current technology thus driving biology forward.


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An introduction to the CCP-EM proceedings special issue of Acta Cryst D.

research papers

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An overview is given of the new CCP-EM software suite, including the underpinning framework, the current functionality and the distribution procedure. This first version of the suite has a focus on building and refining atomic models.

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A technical description of the Dynamo software package for subtomogram averaging is provided. Details are given on advanced MATLAB libraries, parallelization strategies, the use of GPUs and accessibility though the Amazon cloud computing services.

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This paper provides an introduction to the Electron Bio-Imaging Centre (eBIC) at Diamond Light Source: an external user facility established in the UK for high-end cryo-electron microscopy. Details are given of the first year of operation along with highlights and future challenges.

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The formal description of a workflow to cryo-EM structure determination in the RELION program allows standardization of procedures and on-the-fly image processing during data acquisition.

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The Electron Microscopy Data Bank (EMDB), the public archive for three-dimensional EM reconstructions, is an invaluable resource for obtaining a birds-eye view of trends affecting the field of cryo-EM. EMDB is growing rapidly, with almost a quarter of the entries having been released over the past year.

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The structural biology of co-translational protein folding on the ribosome is reviewed.

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High-resolution cryo-EM was used to investigate the structures of inhibitor-bound human and P. falciparum 20S proteasomes, revealing the molecular basis for inhibitor specificity that provides a platform for the development of a potential new class of antimalarials. Here, these studies are reviewed and a detailed description of the methods used for structure determination is provided.

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Recent developments in electron microscopy have provided new opportunities in the field of structure-based drug design. This review looks at the challenges that remain and the future prospects for the use of electron microscopy in this area.

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This review article summarizes recent progress in our understanding of chromatin biology based on single-particle cryo-electron microscopy studies.
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