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October 2017 issue

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Cover illustration: Watson-Crick and Hoogsteen base-pair conformations seen in DNA (Hintze et al., p. 852).

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The different conformations of WalK reveal the intrinsic dynamic properties of a sensor histidine kinase structure as a molecular basis for multifunctionality.

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Nanobodies are used as crystallization chaperones and here site-specific mercury labelling of nanobodies is shown as a new tool for phasing.

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1.8 Å resolution crystal structures of a Francisella protein required for growth in host cells are reported.

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Heavily glycosylated structures of an HIV-1 envelope trimer derived by X-ray crystallography and cryo-EM are compared.

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New compact and precise cryogenic sample holders for macromolecular crystallography are proposed as possible future European standards.

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A sample changer based on a six-axis industrial robot and a new sample-storage dewar with an ice-cleaning feature have been developed to open automated X-ray crystallography beamlines to new sample-holder models, such as miniSPINE and NewPin, while remaining compatible with the widespread SPINE sample-holder standard.

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This paper describes a method that employs difference electron density to identify DNA purines modeled in the incorrect syn/anti conformation. Different classes of mistakes that were identified by using this method to survey all PDB models containing DNA are highlighted.
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