review instructions

The following instructions for reviewing articles in Acta Crystallographica Section D summarise the various steps involved in the review process. Please note: these instructions should be read together with the Notes for Authors and Notes for Referees.

  • (1) You will receive a letter of invitation from the Co-editor handling the review of the article.
  • (2) The letter of invitation will include details of the article including the title, details of the authors and an abstract. It will also include a URL to allow you to preview the article.
  • (3) Go to the preview page. If you are able to review the article, please click on the confirm button. This will take you to a page to login to the review system. If for any reason you are unable to review the article, we would be grateful for any suggestions you have for alternative reviewers - please provide these in the online form.
  • (4) If you have used the online review system before, please use your login to access the article files. Likewise if you are in the World Directory of Crystallographers (WDC), you may use your usual WDC login to access the files.
  • (5) If you do not have a password, please click on the register link on the right-hand side of the login page. You will need to provide simple contact details to register. If you would like to become a member of the World Directory of Crystallographers, you may do so by clicking on the link on the registration page.
  • (6) If you have forgotten your password, there is a link on the right-hand side of the login page that will allow you to receive your password by e-mail.
  • (7) Once logged in, you will be directed to the article REVIEW page. This has tabs to view and download the review documents, provide a referee's report and also contact the Co-editor directly.
  • (8) Please download the article and prepare your review. The review should be written such that it can be forwarded directly to the author. If you recommend revision of the article, specific changes to be made by the author should be indicated.
  • (9) When your review is ready, go to the REVIEW page and login.
    • (i) Open the referee's report tab and either paste your review into the referee's report form or upload it as a WORD or PDF file.
    • (ii) Please then answer the questions in the referee's report tab.
    • (iii) If you have any comments that are only for the Co-editor, these should be pasted into the comments for the Co-editor form at the foot of the referee's report tab.
    • (iv) When you have finished, click on the check and save report button to preview and save your report.
    • (v) When you are happy with the report, click on the submit this review to the Co-editor button.
  • (10) Please keep a note of the URL of the REVIEW page as you may be asked to view subsequent revisions of the article.
  • Thank you for your help. If you have any questions about the review process, please contact

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