electronic reprint

Welcome to the facility for downloading reprints of papers published in IUCr journals. Use of this facility is restricted to authors of published papers. All downloads are logged.

The reprint will be sent as an Adobe Portable Document Format (pdf) data stream or file. You may need to configure a helper application such as Adobe Acrobat Reader within your browser, and it may be necessary to experiment to find a suitable format.

Enter the surname of one author, paper reference code and access code to retrieve reprint.

Paper reference code
Access code
Receive result as pdf stream pdf file

* Required.


  1. The surname of one author, the paper reference code, and the access code supplied by the Editorial Office upon publication must be provided.
  2. Names and codes are case-insensitive.
  3. Supply the reference code as a combination of 2 (or 3) letters and 4 numbers (with leading zeros if necessary), e.g. CQ1045, rt0023.
  4. The result will be downloaded as an Adobe Portable Document Format (pdf) data stream (by default) or pdf file (if chosen above). Users of older versions of Adobe Acrobat reader may experience problems obtaining their reprint; the best solution is to upgrade to a newer version.
  5. Please use this facility to obtain your reprint only after receiving notification from the Editorial Office that it is ready.
  6. If you experience problems obtaining your reprint please contact support@iucr.org.
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