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Figure 1
(a) The structure of DL-me­thio­nine, (I)[link], viewed approximately along the N1—C2 bond vector, with 50% probability thermal displacement ellipsoids. The racemate contains mol­ecules of both hands; the one depicted here is the D-enanti­omer. Carboxyl­ate groups of three neighboring amino acids accepting hydrogen bonds are shown in a lighter tone. O2i is at (−x, y + [{1\over 2}], −z + [{1\over 2}]), O2ii at (x + [{1\over 2}], −y, z) and Oiii at (x + [{1\over 2}], −y + 1, z), see Table 2[link]. Compared to the previously published structure shown in capped sticks representation in (b) (Alagar et al., 2005BB1), the amino group has been rotated clockwise by about 13.5° to give shorter and more linear hydrogen bonds.

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