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Figure 2
Structural comparison between YP_749275.1 and YP_001095227.1. (a) Superposition of the two structures underscores their overall similarity. The major differences arise from the different relative positions and orientations of helices α2 and α3. These two helices in YP_749275.1 (cyan) are close together, while they separate in YP_001095227.1 (green). (b) A surface representation of YP_001095227.1 in the `open' state shows the presence of a wide cavity. The C atoms are colored grey, O atoms red and N atoms blue. The 2-methyl-2,4-pentanediol (MPD) molecules are shown as cyan and red sticks. The opening and closing of the cavity is regulated by the movement of helix α3 away from or towards α2, which involves an ∼5 Å translation and a 90° rotation of this helix. (c) YP_749275.1 reveals no cavity in the `closed' state of the protein.

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