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Figure 7
Structural comparisons between BcYkfC and the cyanobacterial NlpC/P60 endopeptidase AvPCP. (a) BcYkfC and AvPCP (PDB code 2hbw ; Xu et al., 2009BB48) are shown with the same orientation of their common SH3b1 and NlpC/P60 domains. The structurally equivalent residues in each are shown in red. (b) Stereoview of the Cα traces of the two proteins shown in (a) [the coloring is the same as in (a)]. (c) The S binding sites of the two proteins are nearly identical. The corresponding residues of AvPCP are labeled in parentheses. (d) Comparison of the active-site cavities and their environments. The catalytic cysteine is shown in white. A stick model of a docked murein tripeptide is shown in the active site of BcYkfC.

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