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Figure 1
Multiple sequence alignment of bacterial PPATs. Sequences are shown from B. pseudomallei (Bp PPAT; PDB entry 3pxu ; present study), E. coli (PDB entry 1b6t ; Izard & Geerlof, 1999BB12), Y. pestis (PDB entry 3l93 ; Osipiuk et al., unpublished work), T. maritima (PDB entry 1vlh ; Joint Center for Structural Genomics, unpublished work), M. tuberculosis (PDB entry 1tfu ; Morris & Izard, 2004BB22), B. subtilis (PDB entry 1o6b ; Badger et al., 2005BB2) and T. thermophilus (PDB entry 1od6 ; Takahashi et al., 2004BB27). α-­Helices and β-sheets from the Bp PPAT structure are shown as magenta cylinders and yellow arrows, respectively. The side chains of Thr9, Arg87 and Glu98 interact with dephospho-coenzyme A in the 3pxu structure. This figure was prepared with Geneious (Drummond et al., 2010BB8).

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