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Figure 5
Schematic representation of the ligand environment in the Rickettsia FumC monomer complexed with malonate superimposed on the corresponding residues in the human structure (PDB entry 3e04 ). The backbone (gray for Rickettsia, magenta for human) and side chains of residues located within 6 Å of the ligand are shown. Hydrogen bonds of less than 3 Å are shown as dashed lines. Residues are numbered according to the Rickettsia FumC numbering system and residues from the second protomer that comprise the active site are identified with the ′ notation (Thr187′ and His188′). The 2|Fo| − |Fc| electron-density map is shown in light blue mesh contoured at 1.0σ. Note that the human structure is apo and thus Lys371 (equivalent to Lys324 in Rickettsia) appears disordered. This figure was generated using PyMOL (DeLano, 2002BB26).

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