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Figure 1
Ensemble of B. pseudomallei PGAM structures. Protein models are displayed in green as ribbon structures, with key residues rendered as stick structures. Ligands are shown in stick representation with C atoms colored yellow. Wire mesh represents the 3.0σ level of the (FoFc) OMIT map calculated for the final structure with ligands removed. Polar contacts are rendered as red dashed lines. All ligands were modelled at 100% occupancy, with the exception of the tetrahedral vanadate in 3gw8 (50%) and the two alternate conformations of glycerol in 3gw8 (50% each). In all cases occupancies were held constant and not refined. (a) PDB entry 3ezn , apo structure; (b) PDB entry 3fdz subunit B, bound 3-phosphoglycerate with phosphohistidine; (c) PDB entry 3fdz subunit A, bound 2,3-bisphosphoglycerate; (d) PDB entry 3gw8 , vanadate–glycerol complex; (e) PDB entry 3gp5 , vanadate–3-phosphoglycerate complex; (f) PDB entry 3gp3 , bound 2-phosphoserine; (g) PDB entry 3lnt , malonate-bound structure.

ISSN: 2053-230X
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