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Figure 4
Inhibitor-binding pocket of G. lamblia aldose reductase in comparison with ligand-bound human and porcine aldose reductases. G. lamblia aldose reductase (red model) superimposes with small r.m.s.d.s with human aldose reductase in complex with fidarestat (PDB entry 1ef3 , dark blue) and porcine aldose reductase in complex with tolrestat (PDB entry 1ah3 , green) and sorbinil (PDB entry 1ah0 , cyan). Despite the overall structural homology, the C-terminal loop, which interacts with the ligand, shows a distinctly different trace. For clarity, the C atoms of the inhibitors follow the same color scheme as the corresponding ribbon. The NADP molecule is shown only for G. lamblia, with light green C atoms. This figure was prepared with CCP4mg (McNicholas et al., 2011BB24).

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