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Figure 4
Subunit interactions and crystal packing of VC0615. (a) Asymmetric unit of VC0615 coloured by B factor, showing the substantially higher disorder of chain E. The map shown is FcFo OMIT density contoured at 0.22 e Å−3 calculated from refinement of VC0615 without chain E. (b) SEC-MALLS trace showing a single peak for purified VC0615, containing a species with an estimated molecular mass of ∼118 kDa, indicating that VC0615 forms a dimer in solution. (c) Superposition of chains A and D and chains B and C dimers of VC0615. (d) Packing of VC0615 crystals. A single asymmetric unit is highlighted in blue (chains AD) and purple (chain E). Chains AD and chain E in other asymmetric units are coloured grey and red, respectively. A central channel surrounded by molecules of chain E can be observed at the intersection of four unit cells. (e) Steric clashes which arise between two symmetry-related molecules of a hypothetical `chain F' (red and purple) in the VC0615 crystal lattice.

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