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Lecture demonstrations in a public lecture on `X-ray crystal structure analysis: from W. L. Bragg to the present day'

aSchool of Chemistry, University of Manchester, Brunswick Street, Manchester M13 9PL, UK
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(Received 6 November 2008; accepted 22 January 2009; online 3 February 2009)

A public lecture was delivered at the University of Manchester as part of its 150th anniversary celebration, focusing on X-ray crystal structure analysis and the work of W. L. Bragg in the history of the University. This lecture included a variety of demonstrations illustrating the principles of diffraction and describing crystal structures and properties. Video sequences of the demonstrations are now available at the IUCr website.

The lecture has been converted from video format into digital format and edited to improve the visual quality of the viewgraphs via `splicing in' retyped text displays. The lecture is split into `chapters' to facilitate the selection by the viewer of, for example, particular lecture demonstrations. The lecture can of course be viewed as a whole, lasting in total 46 min. The lecture and the individual lecture extracts of each of the four demonstrations (each of approximately 3–4 min duration) are available at .

The website makes it clear at which point in the lecture's progress each demonstration took place, and the demonstrations can therefore be viewed in the context of the full lecture if so desired. In addition, I have provided a detailed written commentary1 describing each lecture demonstration and how I felt they turned out in the actual presenting of the lecture.

Supporting information


1A detailed written commentary is available from the IUCr electronic archives (Reference: KK5041 ). Services for accessing this material are described at the back of the journal.

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