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Figure 5
Diffraction [\{ E^{111} \} _\psi ^{hkl}] and mechanical [\langle {E^{111} } \rangle _\psi] Young's moduli of Cu and CrN films with 111 fibre texture, shown as a function of the sample tilt angle ψ. The moduli were calculated using the ODF from Fig. 2[link] supposing the Hill (1952BB18) grain-interaction model. The diffraction moduli [\{ E^{111} \} _\psi ^{hkl}] represent the elastic response of diffracting grains and the mechanical moduli [\langle {E^{111}} \rangle _\psi] represent the elastic response of all crystallites in the film. The moduli are expressed as a function of the tilt angle ψ, which defines also the orientation of the diffraction vector [{\bf Q}_{hkl}] (Fig. 1[link]).

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