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Figure 7
(a) Calculated X-ray elastic strains in a Cu thin film with a strong 111 fibre texture under equibiaxial stress of 100 MPa. (b) X-ray compliances [\{ S_{3333}^{\rm{L}} \} _{\psi = 0}^{hkl}] refined from (a), plotted as a function of 3Γhkl. Since, for this special type of texture, the mechanical compliance [\langle {S_{3333}^{\rm{L}}} \rangle _{\psi = 0}] = 0.575 × 10−11 Pa−1, 3[\Gamma _{hkl}^{\rm{*}}] = 0.937 was extrapolated from the [\{ S_{3333}^{\rm{L}} \} _{\psi = 0}^{hkl}] dependence on 3[\Gamma _{hkl}].

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