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Figure 2
(Not to common scale) (Top) A schematic diagram of the frame of reference defining the z direction. (Bottom) A schematic diagram of the frame of reference defining the x and y directions. A is the frame of SXD upon which are mounted the detectors and the CCR. Upon the SXD frame are two dowel pins labelled B onto which are located the tank of the CCR. From a datum point which is the surface labelled C, a position 300 mm below this is defined as the sample position D. A perpendicular line from surface C defines the z direction of the frame of reference. E is the suggested incident beam direction of SXD, F are the jaws defining the SXD beam size, G are kinematic mounts defining the SXD frame relative to the moderator and target and hence E, H is the rotation mechanism which rotates the crystal around the origin of the axis, and I are pins used to define the x direction, which is defined to pass through a line that can be drawn through these two points. The y direction is defined as being perpendicular to a plane which is parallel to that defined by the datum surface labelled C. J is additional beam-defining collimation.

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