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Figure 7
(a) Relaxed Frank dislocation loop with b = [\textstyle{1\over3}][111] in the centre of a 30 × 30 × 30 nm Wulff silver crystal. The colour code represents the coordination number, such that only the defective atoms and nanocrystal edges are shown. Calculated CXD patterns when g||[{\bf b}_{{\rm S R}}] (g = 220) (b), when g||[{\bf b}_{{\rm S}}] (g = 224) (c), when g||b (g = 111) (d) and when g·b = 0 (g = [2 {\overline 2} 0]) (e). The selected area of the reciprocal space is kept to the same value in all figures and is equal to 0.045 × 0.0675 Å−1.

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