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Figure 8
Effect of particle form factor on the correlation function and correlation length. (a) c(r) at [\mu_0 H_{\rm i} = 0.5 \; {\rm T}] and for several particle form factors. Solid lines: form factor of ellipsoid of revolution (R = 5  nm) with decreasing from top to bottom ([\varepsilon = 1] corresponds to the sphere form factor). Dashed lines: cylinder form factor with R = 5  nm and [L = 2 \varepsilon R] [[{\bf k}_0 \perp {\bf H}_0]; [H_{\rm p} / \Delta M = 1]; S(q) = 1]. Dotted horizontal line: c(r) = exp(-1). (b) Corresponding lC(Hi) (log–linear scale). Dotted horizontal line: lC = R = 5  nm.

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